The Upside To Acne

Problem skin has it’s ups and downs. It’s a very bumpy road (haha geddit geddit) #badacnejoke. But speaking from experience, there are some definite things I can’t even be mad about, and I’ve only experienced them because of this nonsense skin 😂 😭:

  1. If it’s adult acne, you can usually get away with student specials because you look 19.

Kept that old student card for a reason #ThursdayNights


2. You can be sure bae likes you for more than your looks- and you know its real when they remind you to apply your spot cream.



3. Growing up with pimples makes you internally strong because kids are mean 😂


When you a late-in-life snack


4. You’re low-key an expert in skincare, even if your own skin doesn’t show it.


Coconut cleansing facewash, but coconut is the last ingredient listed gurl bye 👋

You can write a comparative thesis of Accutane, birth control and homeopathy for clearing acne. It’s also why your bathroom is basically a pharmacy.

Florence art.PNG


5. You are patient af- mainly because of all the Becky’s who keep telling you to “just drink more water”


*looks at bottle of water in hand* *looks at Becky* 👍👍👍


6. Adult acne is a great bonding activity between you and your kids.


Until they grow out of it and you’re in the struggle life alone again


7. You’re incredibly disciplined and never disrespect your skincare routine. Even if its 3am, coming back in from the club, you will be doing the things before bed.


When you’re dead but remember you forgot to tone


8. Your self-love game is 💯 because it gets tested every time another breakout happens. Ofc this is usually before some important life event, because acne is petty like that.


when you see a breakout starting vs. when you remember you still slay even with bad skin ✨✨


9. Acne makes you an amazing friend for tons of reasons- you’re clued up on skincare, & you have tons of products for them to steal (because it never worked for you) but can’t throw away because that sh*t was expensive.


Friend with ONE TINY PIMPLE: ugh my skin help pls fam


10. It taught you that parents don’t know everything: “Don’t worry, you’ll grow out of it!” was your lifeline as a teen.


When you’re 20+ and wondering how long does this teenage thing last 😐


10. That feeling of accomplishment when you find something that works semi-decently and your skin behaves.


Nothing and nobody can ruin this day 😇


If you’re on the problem skin train like me, just remember its not all bad. You are more than what your epidermis decides to do that day- having acne does not make you any less brilliant as a human being. And if you don’t believe me, just ask your friends 🙆  Drop a comment if you have been through the most, or are currently fighting the good acne fight like I am 😆 I would love to hear from my fellow soldiers in the trenches how you’re managing your skin!

k bye

xx Sean





  1. crypticcriticchan · March 10, 2018

    Hey this was really informative! really enjoyed this <3 please check out my blogs as well!

  2. froeverblog · March 10, 2018

    This was a fantastic read, so relatable and funny. ILY girl wow 😂

    • seangoesnatural · March 10, 2018

      MO’GHEL I appreciate you! The tea tree oil tip tho- I add it to quite literally everything now!

  3. sacurlygirl · March 10, 2018

    We have the curly hair, the blogs and now this darn bad skin in common. My skin only started clearing up in my early twenties. I actually started using a satin pillow case before I went natural and that is what helped with my inflamed skin. I still don’t have perfect skin and this post I can totally relate to. #Truthbetold people with oily skin don’t age as fast as the Becky’s with the flawless skin that sebum will be saving us in the future. 😉

    • seangoesnatural · March 10, 2018

      Ooooh I hope mine starts clearing too :O Yes, also I find changing my pillowcase often also helps avoid breakouts. Haha it will pay off in the long term!

  4. necia_thejunkie · March 10, 2018

    Great post, you super funny.
    I’ve been suffering from acne way too long now and the scars (I just hate them).
    I recently started a skin routine which my skin is loving for now at least. Now this means I have to stick with it because missing one day just sets me back to day 0.
    What products do you use for your skin? I am using African Black Soap, using Witch hazel and rose water as a toner, using a vanishing cream from Rooibos extract, I think, and going in with the bentonite clay once a week.

    • seangoesnatural · March 10, 2018

      YOU KNOW! Just when you think its over with the pimple, then it leaves a damn mark :/ Haha my skin routine is equally as petty, can’t miss a day otherwise… OMG we have such similar routines! I added a few drops of tea tree oil to my toner, and I use it undiluted as a spot treatment. Bentonite clay is BAE <3 I think going natural is the best option, clearly shop bought stuff doesn't agree with our skin. Thanks for reading!

  5. Eleanor · March 10, 2018

    Lovely post Sean. I’ve never had problem skin, so can’t really relate on that level, but I do appreciate your perspective. I’ve also made it a point never to give out skin advice to others (I usually just share my skin care routine). Everyone is so different that there really is no one-size-fits-all solution. Thank you for humorous read 😍