How Not To Protective Style

Y’all. 2018 already be teaching me lessons, I’m not even playing! 😰 It’s Januworry, we all got stuff to do so I’m just gonna get into it. Simply put: your girl messed up.

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It’s bad. Real bad. Micheal Jackson. 

I had a camping trip planned for the end of December and I knew I didn’t want to be attempting to manage this fro in communal bathrooms- the less time spent in those, the better 💩 So a protective style seemed most appropriate. I had done box braids before and it worked out relatively well, so this time I was more confident and wanted to experiment a little. Now I want to make this perfectly clear: the technique and actual protective style itself was flawless! The hair angel Celeste Samuels of Hair Unit Durban did a stellar job with my crochet braids and I fully recommend her 100% for any natural hair styling you need 😀


I mean. They were glorious 😍

My natural hair was neatly cornrowed into 4 thick rows, and my edges respected (because that’s how Hair Unit does the tingz 👐). The pre-twisted fibre was then attached to these using a crochet hook. In less than 4 hours I was looking like a damn snack in Beyonce Blonde twists 👅

BeFunky Collage.jpg

The process


The end result 😉

A week after I went on my camping trip and that’s when the trouble started. I struggle with dry scalp so my daily scalp spritz and massage was essential to maintain a healthy scalp, especially when I’m protective styling. But because my dumb ass was on holiday, I was not as diligent as I should have been with hair care. I made the prime mistake of forgetting to care for my natural hair because the twists looked so good and that was my hair now *hangs head in eternal shame* 🙍


Being stupid af. Stupid AF. 

I know that the crochet itself wasn’t the issue because even the removal was so simple. There was no pulling, or knotting, and I barely shed any hair undoing the cornrows. Once I started washing my hair, in my eagerness to cleanse my scalp, I used a shampoo scrub and went in a little too vigorously *facepalm* My scalp was not ready for that jelly, and by the time I began detangling with conditioner, my hair was falling by clumps. Yep. CLUMPS. I scrubbed the hair right off my scalp 👀


Anyone need donations for an Afro wig?

How do I know it wasn’t the PS causing this mess? My crochet was never uncomfortably tight, or heavy. I didn’t feel any snagging- you know when that like one strand tugs on your scalp and you feel like throwing the whole head away 😆  The take-down had minimal shedding. I was irresponsible by not keeping up with my daily scalp spritz, creating an unhealthy scalp environment- little wonder that the strands were too weak to resist the harsh scrub.


So now I’m starting 2018 with half a fro 😂 And yes, it sucks balls to think of what my hair used to be. I’m just looking at it like a chance to transition again- and this time I know better than to throw cash at sulphate -filled Caucasian brands in the hopes of reviving my hair XD So Sean Goes Transitioning 2018 is a thing- who else is with me on this boat to bomb hair? 😀

k bye

xx Sean




  1. thequarterwife · January 6, 2018

    Girl! I know!!
    I had braids and was dumb enough to not spritz and wash my hair consistently…
    The knots I had to deal with!!! It took me a week to undo those braids, and make sure I don’t cause breakage while detangling…
    Never again! And thank you for the reminder!! ☺️

    • seangoesnatural · January 6, 2018

      Gurl now we know better! Not to get carried away with the inches and forget our own hair haha XD