‘Tis The Season To Be Natural!

What it do my natural beyps! 💙
It’s been a damn long while, I know! But at last the semester from hell is over and I can get back to being happy and connecting with you guys again. It’s been far too long. Blame UKZN. No lie, it tried it’s best to kill me this year 👀

Tfw when uni is over but you’re still alive XD

Okay so this blog is to tell you about all the natural hair events happening #KeDezemba 🙌 The South African curlies are being blessed with these amazing natural hair events- can I get a damn amen?! Seriously, the organisers of each are pulling out all the stops to make these jols *white guy voice* fokken kiff bru 👌

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



Yes you read right, Durban is actually doing a thing 😮 Led by the talented Celeste Samuels (and I mean talented, she can do things to hair I’ve never even imagined🔥) who also owns the Hair Unit natural hair salon, a Naturals Pool Party is coming your way. I mean, it’s only right that Durban rub our amazing weather in the face of the rest of the country- to make up for the humidity that ruins good hair days XD  Come through with that natural glow and swim without worries of mincing that GHD do 🌚 #noshade #justsayingnje #naturalgehlscanswim #essentiallywearemermaids
Date: 17 December 2017
Venue: 43 Assembly Road, The Bluff
Time: 13:00- 20:00
Damage: R150 pp
Goodie bag: HELLS YES!
Tickets @: 081 477 9989 (Celeste Samuels)



Of course our inland girls aren’t sleeping either 💅Make your way to the Natural Hair Meet & Greet and get turnt on natural hair chat. Hosted by Nica (@naturally_nica) & Bianca (@BieWendyGallardo) you know this one is gonna be lit 🔥
Date: 16 December 2017
Venue: Union Building, Pretoria
Time: 11:00- 14:00
Damage: Dololo mogehl, just go for free 😀
Goodie bag: Nah, but vendors are there and giveaways will be a haps 😉
Tickets @: Just come through, no ticket needed!




But Cape Town, do you guys ever even sleep?It’s just one fire event after the next!  The second annual Cape Town Naturally Hair Fest is gonna be the event of the year, and a little birdy told me it’s gonna be bigger and better than the last one 😉
Organized by the tour de force team behind the Cape Town Naturally Support Group, it’s a celebration of all things natural hair- plus you get to party with the Ayatolla of Naturolla (#terriblepunsareback) Amanda aka Cape Town Curly! 💃
Date: 17 December 2017
Venue: Canvas Event Space
Time: 11:00- 17:00
Damage: R85 standard, R120 spayshal edition
Goodie bag: I Cantu emphasize enough how bomb this swag bag is gonna be!
There you have it, the naturalista’s gig guide for the best December your fro will ever have 👆  If you’re attending any of these, let us know what you’re most amped for in the comments (you know I can’t resist when you girls talk hair with me 😋)
Also keep an eye out on the Sean Goes Natural media pages- a young giveaway is brewing for my fellow likers of free things *cough* Cape Town, I’m talking to you *cough cough* 😉
k bye
xx Sean