Fro Fiesta Feels

Okay so if you’re not part of the It’s All Natural Facebook group then you need to go there first so you fully understand why this post is as overexcited as a basic girl in a Starbucks!

Have you joined? Okay cool, let’s continue😄

The group, created by the brother and sister natural hair fairy godparents Bryce and Maxine Arnold, is a one-stop shop for all your natural hair needs. Detangling, breakage, transitioning, deep conditioning, THEY 👐 GOTCHU 👐 FAM 👐 Safe to say, I spend a lot of time on there and have made internet curlfriends with so many of the gorgeous members. That is why when Maxine announced that the Fro Fiesta Natural Hair Meet-Up was happening, I was all in my feels!

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Actual footage of me running to get tickets

It was held at a fancy shmancy hotel on the beachfront, which was great because the humidity meant my hair would actually have volume for a change. Yes, all venues are judged according to how my hair will look there, its a natural girl thing 👸

This year there was a mini-market in addition to the inspiring frogram (see what I did there XD). Obviously I am now broke, but my fro is fleeking from all the products I bought so I’d say its a fair trade #priorities #frobeforefood 😆  Things purchased aside, the goodie bag was a highlight of NOTE 😀 <3


Look at all these bomb goodies #ICantuDeal <3

Local was proudly supported with everyone from The Perfect Hair to TRU: The Pop-Up being there giving the naturals some goodness. The frogram was flames, and nobody could claim boredom with all the talent on show! Celeste the vocalist had me singing Corinne Bailey Rae long after the event had ended (apologies to my housemates XD)

jenelle monae dance.gif

Literally everyone that day XD

Okay so I’m going to stop yammering about this and just let the pictures speak for themselves! Once again, It’s All Natural has made us all awkward by actually bringing us all in the same room and having to remember not to call people by their full Facebook name XD #JOKES It was another amazing day of meeting natural sisters and celebrating our natural hair together <3

Check out my Facebook page for all the pictures from the day 🙂 Don’t be shy, send me pictures if you want me to add to the album!

k bye

Sean xx

PS- I think the following picture accurately describes the entire day 😀


And the church of naturals says “amen” 😛