For a Durban girl, a trip to Cape Town would not have been complete without getting me some Curl Chemistry. The brainchild of curly girl Liesl Singer, it’s slowly but surely become the gotta-have product that everyone on the local forums is raving about. Ya’ll know me and my product hoe ways, I have close to zero self-control when it comes to hair products #pleasehelp #jokes #hoeislife


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Take a walk down memory lane with me back to the days when only Dr. Miracles was the OG natural hair brand we could get here. Everyone remember this?


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This was a staple part of my wash-&-go routine for the longest time before it sort of faded away from the shelves of Clicks. Needless to say I was pretty bummed because it gave gorgeous definition without crunch. It was great especially during my transitioning phase because my straggly Gollum-hair ends needed all the help they could get to blend with the virgin growth “:D The only thing was that intense aloe smell *gags* I don’t mind a hint of it, but that was way too cloying and aggressive.

Returning to the present times I think Curl Chemistry is the replacement to that we’ve been waiting for! MINUS THE CHOKING SMELL NOGAL! (I say ‘nogal’ now because I’ve been to Cape Town 😛 XD). I’ll be real I never got the pomegranate scent most people were singing about, but the same cannot be said for the man in my life who could not stop sniffing me XD As far as I could tell it is formulated as an oil-in-cream, so I forgo the usual olive sealing oil to avert danger of resembling amagwinya. My curls were light, fluffy and lasted for 3 days. Even afterward my hair did not feel dry because the product is so durable.


The fluffy frobulous results <3

As much as my hair loved this product, my skin was not so happy.  For the normal people who do not have a useless coconut oil sensitivity (like me) this bodes well as that means there is a high enough coconut oil content for my skin to react- i.e. you’re getting a quality product with actual natural ingredients. In the spirit of full disclosure, it didn’t hold up too well on really humid Durban days 🙁 But seeing as the rest of the country prefers to drink instead of breathe their water XD I fully recommend this for naturals in drier climates 🙂

It’s definitely more affordable than the good Dr at R90 a tub XD Plus Liesl has recently expanded the range to include a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner, so your whole washday can be proudly local 🙂 There are representatives all across the Cape area so I say give it a try if you can. Curl Chemistry is legit another local brand that will keep the international competitors on their toes!

Shout out in the comments, on Facebook or Insta with your Curl Chemistry thoughts, I’d love to hear them <3

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Sean xx


  1. misspretorius · April 4, 2017

    I absolutely love this product and usually get about a week’s wear out of my twists or bantu knots when I use it. It sucks that you’re allergic to coconut though 🙁

    • seangoesnatural · April 4, 2017

      It’s surprisingly durable for a cream! Yeah so many good products that I can’t use, like the entire Palmers range is just a giant no for my skin 🙁