Terms & Condition(er)

Okay, so we all been here long enough to realise that using products designed specifically for our natural hair is better for it. It took me a while but I am officially a sulphate-free shampoo fan, and co-washing is bae (seriously, the best thing for mini wash days in between actual wash days). Recently we’ve been spoilt for choice in SA because of all the different local and international hair care brands expanding to our shores (AT BLOODY LAST #justsaying 😗).  Which is all great except that most of it does not come cheap 👀 For stuff like shampoo and styling products I’m willing to pay for because I don’t use those up in a hurry, so it’s worth paying R90+ for the month. Now conditioner on the other hand…


Story of our lives XD

It can’t be just me who is using the current rand-dollar exchange rate to estimate the recommended “dime-size amount” of conditioner… at least I hope I’m not alone! I have been blessed with incredible amounts of natural frizz and it takes a lot of conditioner to tame the beast. Thus even though buying the matching natural hair appropriate 250ml conditioner for R90+ feels great- like when your bra matches your undies and you feel incredibly put together 🙋- it just does not last long enough to justify the price.

So I am officially claiming my shade, I use cheap conditioner! And recently I have found two that I quite enjoy. The first one is the Garnier Ultimate Blends Conditioner which often goes on special at Clicks.  I got them on a 2 for R62 special and they were especially great for detangling because they had lots of slip.

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The next one is a sort of blast from the past. I remember my mom using the Protein Feed range on my hair as a child but it was only recently that I saw it repackaged on the shelf of Checkers (yes, Checkers)… FOR R29!

Image result for checkers protein feed conditioner

750ml of goodness <3


It is a lot thicker than I expected but it brings the moisture for sure 💦 💦 💦 💦 My hair felt soft and it encouraged clumping too. Plus at the price vs. the size I did not feel a spot of guilt about using as much as I wanted. I bought one bottle to try, and now I have one bottle placed everywhere I sleep over ‘for emergencies’ XD #practicalthinking #ImsorryifIboughtallofit #butImnotgivingyoumine #eventhoughIhave3bottles

I think I’m good until the end of the month now #jokes XD But these are defs steals, and I can’t be keeping this info on the down low because we all deserve to eat meat this month for a change 😆 Let us in on your favorite bargain buys in the comments, Facebook or Insta 🙂

k bye

xx Sean