What I Wish I Knew

Hello girls with the popping curls🙋

Recently I have been inundated by messages from a lot of ladies who are considering going natural, or at the very start of their journey. It’s been about 2 years since I became natural, but I can still recall that initial feeling of “dafuq do I do with my hair now?!” XD We all know where to go for answers to our questions (even the stranger ones #privatebrowsingweseeyou 👀):

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So there I was googling everything possible about natural hair, transitioning and caring for it. As you probably know by now, there is a veritable flood of blogs, YouTube channels, and webpages dedicated to this natural thing we do. For a person like me who will always be extra and do the most, I had no clue what was right so I just did everything! At this point I realize how unnecessary some of the things I did were, and some where even really bad for my hair health- I just wish I knew it back then. Therefore this one is for my newbie naturals so you do better than my fool self XD

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2017 me to 2014 me XD

  • Get off the bandwagon friend!

When I saw something that everyone had then I had to have it too. Coconut oil is one of the worst things for my hair and I know this… now 🙈 But because everyone worshiped at the shrine of the coco, I did too. For at least a year I had mad break-outs of acne and the itchiest inflamed scalp, it was horrible 💀  Only when I ran out of coconut oil and used amla oil for my wash-day instead did I realize what was going on. It’s not a bad thing to see what is the good stuff being discussed on the web- just remember to pay attention to what your hair likes first!

  • Health> Definition

Now I love me a defined curl as much as anyone else 😉 But when I first started out, it was an obsession. I would use sprays and mousses that had very drying alcohols and other crappy ingredients just to make sure my curls were properly defined. I didn’t care about the crunchiness, I’d be a bag of NikNaks if it meant having those tight tendril curls XD My hair did suffer because of it. I was not retaining any moisture which stunted growth- but best believe I was still whining about how my hair doesn’t want to grow 😐 Definition should not come at the price of healthy hair!

  • Read the damn label😂

I was so susceptible to claims of “avocado oil, citrus fruit extract, vanilla essence,etc.” on labels, it’s shameful 😶 Major plus if it had that fancy scent that lingered, ‘cos that meant the vanilla essence was working #whatevenSean #juststop. Luckily I realized my mistake about 3 months in, but not before I had wasted money on bottles of sulfates and parabens.

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When you realize there ain’t no avocado oil in that shampoo

  • Expensive≠ Good

I have wasted too much money on too many products that promised the world and just did not deliver. Some of my favorite go-to products are really cheap like bentonite clay and natural pure oils- there really is no need to splurge to have healthy natural hair 🙂 Shops like Gorimas are my favorite haunts for pure oils, and even every day things you already have can make a cheaper conditioner as good as any expensive one.

Essentially this is a very personal journey. Everyone has their own experiences and it’s important that you listen to your hair ,first and foremost. And read the damn label XD

I would love to hear what you wish you knew when you first became natural, sound off in the comments, Facebook or even Instagram 🙂

k bye

xx Sean





  1. buddingregardless · February 27, 2017

    Haha. I love this. I had been natural almost all my life. A year ago I decided to relax my hair, although I just lowkey shred a tear every now and then when I see people flaunting their natural hair, I don’t regret my decision. Natural used to streesss me! I had to wake up very early just to perfect it. Plus I used to walk around mad AF all day long because people would touch my hair. Lol. I sincerely wish to cut my hair and go natural again though

  2. Melissa Javan · February 27, 2017

    Heavy things naturalistas go through. I can’t believe coconut oil does not work for you, shame. All the best with your journey ahead.

    • seangoesnatural · February 27, 2017

      We do XD Ya but I’ve found other oils that do, it’s all trial and error 🙂