Design Essentials- Essential or Nah?

Hello humans still reading my rants, thanks for waking up from Christmas leftover binge-induced naps and making your way here XD In the spirit of full disclosure this post was meant to be done ages ago but ya… December 👀

So I assume we’ve all eyed out the Design Essential goodies that recently popped into Clicks stores. When I first heard I was EXCITED 🙌 AS 🙌 BALLS ⚽  See, I’m a fan of @frogirlginny (Lawd a mercy 😍) and she is a fan of the DE life. Hence when I saw it I just had to try it…

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.. Until I saw the prices 😐  From R150 a product, eish dreams died that day. BUT thanks to the angels of Essence Festival, I was able to get me some freebies to try #IKRIwasdyingtoo. Now after thorough use and investigation, I can tell you exactly which products are worth the investment (because after R150, it’s not simply a price tag but a serious financial decision XD).

I received the following to try:


From the Coconut & Monoi range: Deep Moisture Masque, Deep Moisture Milk Souffle and Curl Defining Gelee

Initially I did lean heavily toward the Coconut and Monoi range which is formulated for helping moisturize dry, dull and thirsty hair. Also @frogirlginny loved it, so my fangirl came through hard. Maybe I expected my fro to magically grow to her majestic proportions after using the same products idk XD I LOVED the Deep Moisture Masque, it seriously gave my hair the business y’all. My hair usually needs heavy products, and responds really well to them especially for frizz-taming because I have a lot of that XD But for some reason, using the Souffle and Gelee together just gave me limp hair that only dried NEVER. Any attempts at diffuse drying just left me a crusty mess, and eventually I had to admit that the products were just too heavy for my hair 🙁 If anyone has tried them PLEASE let me know what I’m doing wrong because the Masque is so good :’)

Verdict: Invest in the Deep Moisture Masque because it’s an excellent deep conditioner with or without heat, but maybs give the Deep Moisture Milk and Curl Defining Gelee a miss (Unless you know how to use them, then PLEASE TELL ME BECAUSE I FEEL BETRAYED).

As well as:

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Curl Enhancing Mousse (with olive oil & vitamin B complex) and the Almond & Avocado Detangling Leave-In Conditioner

I chose these because I had to try the Almond & Avocado range; also I’m a leave-in conditioner hoe of note. I did not expect much because the range is more for detangling and manageability, plus the products are lighter than the Coconut and Monoi range. The leave-in is a decent one, smells really nice but there are definitely cheaper alternatives around that do the same thing. My absolute favourite product definitely has to be the Curl Enhancing Mousse! It has rave online reviews and now I’m adding to them XD IMMEDIATE curl definition that only required the smallest squirt of product, and it dried into such gorgeous volume with no crunchiness or flaking #mahheartmahsoul. It is second-day hair in a bottle <3  #thewonderofchemistry #Iunderstanditnot #dontquestionit #justenjoy XD

Verdict: The Almond & Avo Leave-In is optional really; get it if you want to feel fancy with matching products or if someone else if paying XD but PLEASE: get you some of that Mousse girl!👐  It is a Holy Grail product for me- well worth the investment because it will not let you down for days when you NEED popping curls. With the amount needed the one bottle should last a good few months, especially if you only break it out on special occasions.


Results from this amazeballs mousse <3

A giant thank you to the DE team for letting me live my FroGirlGinny dreams, even if it was not quite what I expected XD All of the products I tried should be available at your local Clicks stores, hopefully I have managed to narrow things down for you- unless you can afford to trial and error this stuff, then you do you girl #goals 💃

As usual don’t be shy, let me hear your side in the comments on here,FB, & Instagram. Especially if you know how to use the Coconut & Monoi leave-in products 😂

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K bye

Xx, Sean


  1. kinkyhairgonewild · December 27, 2016

    I enjoyed reading this post, great review I like how you give the low down on products. Im also a natural, happened to stumbleupon your blog and just love your energy!! Followed

  2. naturalkinkstrinis · December 27, 2016

    Hi chick thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading. Wanted to try this brand for some time now too. I also nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award 🙂 Congrats.

  3. hairlabmd · December 27, 2016

    I think souffles & gelees etcs are rather tricky products because the name really does not say anything about the actual consistency of the product😓 I tried only a sachet of the hair milk and I admit to liking it but not enough to buy the full size. The coconut & monoi oil seems like a heavy range so in the end I only tried the mist mostly because I saw it on Frogo’s list of faves and I was amazed at the volume that mist helps achieve after it is sprayed on almost dry hair & then diffuse some more. Absolutely love your fun writing style and the pop culture references & memes btw! I declare myself and sean goes natural fan 🙌

    • seangoesnatural · December 27, 2016

      That’s exactly it! The mousse is so misleading, initially I was so dismissive because it legit looked like water XD That’s a new way I need to try, I recieved a travel size of the mist- and you know how we love our volume 😉 That means so much coming from a total Instagram fave of mine! 😮 <3 I can now die fulfilled! XD

      • hairlabmd · December 27, 2016

        Ohh maaannn! I am a fave of someone? Now I can die fulfilled lololol you are one of my faves too XD! I got a mini interview in naturally curly ages ago on the topic of food names in the beauty industry & the problem with the nomenclature is real. A brand might use custard but they really are selling a gel…on the other hand what if I have never actually eaten a good custard how would I know? All jokes asides the terminology in itself is unregulated and sometimes the smells being too food like cause problems like people thinking they can eat a product because if it’s a smoothie it must be natural right? I feel most companies do create good products but then mislead with marketing and spend too much money on it. I still havent opened my travel size mousse cos of your advice…I will save it for great weather and a full “I have time today” wash day lol. The mist is bomb like that I saw fro using it after her hair was dry and then diffuse shortly and I have no clue about the science of it cos I don’t read the ingredients of “free or sample” products until after I like them…or hate them and need to know why 🙊🤷‍♀️🤣