Review- My Natural Hair

Like any product hoe worthy of the title I routinely stalk the hair-care aisles of our local stores. Even at grocery shops you can be sure I take inventory of what they have available for hair, especially if it’s for our natural tresses XD Recently Clicks has been stocking the My Natural Hair range which is made right here in SA. I could be all preachy about #buylocal (which I do believe in just btw I’m not a monster XD), but what really sold me was the price and the ingredients.


Clicks also has introduced some very prolific international brands, but the starting price is R150 per product 😮  Went to Clicks for the 3-for-2 special but these prices are dream-killers hey XD #babeswebrokeassstudentbudget


R130 for edge control, y’all playing

It’s all great for a product to be affordable but the most important question is: “Does it ACTUALLY work?”  My first look at the ingredients was promising as there are no traces of sulphates, parabens, phthalates, petroleum and mineral oil- that label was saying all the right things 😉

I was too excited to wait for washday so I tried a twist-out with damp hair and the My Natural Hair moisturizing butter. It’s got shea butter, coconut, olive, jojoba and sunflower oil which softens and (obvz) moisturizes hair. GURL- this stuff is bomb! Made the twists last 3 days before I untwisted, and it was shiny throughout that time 🙂 I was pleasantly surprised with its potency on wash and goes; it was very good for defining curls as well. With the size of the pot I thought I’d use it all up in a hot second, but a little goes a long way which is good value for money 😀

Washday finally rolled around so I could give the nourishing shampoo, hydrating conditioner and strengthening oil a try. The shampoo gently cleansed my hair, which had hella product build-up, so I really liked that. I’m useless at chemistry, so if anyone can explain how it can clean without sulphates that would be great because I’m convinced it’s magic at this point XD The conditioner has great slip for detangling and is nourishing too #getyouagirlthatcandoboth 😛 The gentle scent of aniseed is an unexpected bonus, very calming and pleasant- necessary when washday can tend to become a stressful war-zone XD


Peak war-zone stage

After I did a hot oil treatment with the oil, I used the moisturizing butter as a cream and the strengthening oil for my LOC method.



The hot oil treatment left my hair moisturized and the butter enhanced my curls without making them crunchy. I am not a cheese curl thus I am not okay with crunchy hair XD

For the price point this is one of the better natural products on the market 🙂 It’s good value for money and really does a good job taking care of natural hair #winning #lovingitnaturally #loveyournatural.

K bye

Sean xx

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