Mission Transition

It was a sunny Saturday in November 2014. I got into the shower as per usual and washed my hair. We are all too familiar with the next step: picking up all the shed hair from the shower drain #justgirlythings. This time however, the amount of hair I lost was absolutely >INSANE<!

After the removal of a small woodland creature-sized hairball, I knew I had to make a change. The constant flat ironing and general lack of care was causing immense damage to my once thick mane of curls. It was at that point I decided to return to the ways of the curl by a gradual transition. A great idea in theory, but in practice… not so much XD At this point you basically have two types of hair on your head and are therefore trying to do the job of two people “:D It didn’t take me long to figure out that the transition needs to be as quick as possible- but my hair was all, “Nah fam.”


Considering the damage, I couldn’t expect my hair to magically start growing like grass. Transitioning is an exercise in patience. It allows you to actually get to know your hair again, and that is so very important in a natural journey 🙂 My main goal initially was growth- the faster it grows, the closer I get to that Big Chop right? Over time I realized that the main goal needs to be healthy hair :O All the heat and chemicals deteriorate your hair AND your scalp, and hair won’t grow in an unhealthy environment.

So I developed a routine to promote a healthy scalp and strengthen my hair:

FRIDAY NIGHT: Pre-poo with Amla oil, vigorous scalp massage included 😀 <3

SATURDAY: Wash day with sulphate-free Dr Miracles CurlCare range, the LOC tight with coconut oil for sealing.  Air dry.

SUNDAY–WEDNESDAY: No excessive manipulation. Loose buns, top knots, double buns, ALL THE BUNS XD

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Faux twist-out with lots of Vatika Cactus Oil to promote growth.

THURSDAY–FRIDAY: Styles using the results of the stretched curls, usually just clipped up with a jaw grip.


OCTOBER 2014                                             OCTOBER 2015

Eventually I became so comfortable with my hair that #longhairdontcare was not important anymore. I just wanted to embrace the natural texture I have, go with the ‘fro so to speak 😉 So when I did eventually Big Chop.. I BIG CHOPPED XD


I hope that my transitioning journey helped make a few transitioners embrace their own 🙂

k bye

Sean xx

PS- Just for when you’re tempted to return to the creamy crack:



  1. Ndapewa · June 21, 2016

    🙂 Great post. transitioning was hard for me because of the two textures. It was a relief when I cut all the relaxed hair off.

    • seangoesnatural · June 21, 2016

      It’s quite a cathartic experience as well, to finally chop off the relaxed ends and know you’re starting completely natural 🙂

  2. Kristenite Speaks · June 21, 2016

    Nice Pics!!!

  3. seangoesnatural · June 21, 2016

    Thanks 🙂